Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

how to make a Gruffalo cake topper and mouse cake topper

Simple tutorial about how to make a Gruffalo cake topper and mouse cake topper. ...

How To Make a Shoe Cupcake

This is a link to a short video i made showing how to use rice krispy treats to make cupcake shoes! This is my first tutorial. Hope you like it!

How to make a 2D character!!

This is a pictorial video on how I made my 2D Baby Minnie cake topper for a baby shower cake. Hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. Thanks for looking!!!

Sand Castle Cake Tutorial

Sand Castle cake tutorial. or Step 1: Cut paper towel cardboard tubes to desired length Step 2:Cover tubes...

How to make your own mold!


This tutorial shows you how to get the hand-painted leopard print look as seen here and in my cake photos. I’m sure I’m not the first or the only one to do it this way, but after being asked by several people for tips I decided to put my...

How to make a Gumpaste carnation`

Please bare with me this is the first tutorial i have ever done (minus posting it on my own page) To start with you will need 1 egg cup or if you are better equipped then a flower former 1 flower leaf shaper tool 1 foam pad 1 sharp knife or...

Fleur De Lis Cake Video Tutorial

Here is a free video showing how to make this beautiful cake featuring Sharon Zambito of and Dominic Palazollo of ENJOY! VIDEO HERE

Printed Giant Cupcake Chocolate Shell

This is a simple tutorial for embedding a design on that giant cupcake cake chocolate shells. Materials needed: Candy melts or chocolate melting wafers Candy colors paint brush Mould of your choice – for this, I simply used a...

How to make a gumpaste Abby Cadabby