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CakesDecor Theme: Orchid Cakes

Hi everyone! Another week, another theme! Being so popular around the world, Orchids are adored for their beauty and variety, and except for true black, their blossoms appear in almost every imaginable colour. All of the cakes shown below...

Little Raccoon Tutorial

Lots of love from Crumb Avenue! :) –

Chocolate & Walnuts Delight

Chocolate & Walnuts Delight 200 g (7 oz) dark chocolate, finely chopped 125 g (½ cup) soft butter 125 g (½ cup) dark brown sugar 2 egg yolks 75 g (1/3 cup) chopped walnuts 45 g (1/5 cup) almond meal 2 egg whites 40 g (approx...

Lion Topper Tutorial

Hi! I hope you’ll find this tutorial useful! :) xoxoxo :)

Aquafaba swiss meringue buttercream - also egg free meringue, imbc, macaron...

Hi all! This is a recipe I’ve used twice now to make smbc without eggs- its the smbc recipe I promised you in the writeup to my book cake posted yesterday. Aquafaba is the water you get from a can of chickpeas/ garbanzo beans, or after boiling...

Look whose coming to Tampa, Florida to teach...Dorothy Klerck!!!!

I was so excited when Dorothy Klerck said she would love to come to Tampa to teach. This lady is just so fabulous at what she does and the shark cake that she will be teaching will just blow your mind. It will be a 2 day class for intermediate...

Tool Review : Dotting Tool

This tool is one of my fave. Actually it’s for nails art but i use it to replace the use of ball tools. Sometimes for very small details to make figurine, i can’t approach it by my finger or my normal ball tool because too big, that is the...

Rainbow Stripes

Rainbow stripes on the outside of the cake – easy technique, super effect.

Little Lamb modelling tutorial

Use fondant/gumpaste throughout 1. Shape large teardrop of white 2. Shape 1 long and 2 shorter pink legs 3. Use tool to mark leg and feet lines 4. Adhere legs to body 5. Using extruder, create long thin white ‘spaghetti’ and roll these...

Easter Chicken Tutorial

Hi all! I would like to share a quick and easy tutorial with you all Happy Easter!!! (“._.”) You can find the whole tutorial on my facebook page: Thank you :) Karla