I am a self-taught baker with a passion for beautiful designs! I believe that beauty stems from simplicity and try to incorporate that into all of my cakes!

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Cake Decorating Recipes #1: How To Make The Perfect Dark Chocolate Ganache

Learn to make a perfect dark chocolate ganache for your cakes! Ingredients: 1 pound Dark Chocolate Chips 8 oz Heavy Cream When making dark chocolate ganache the ratio to use is 1:1 chocolate to cream. If making a semi-sweet ganache then...

Christmas Fondant Toppers #3: How To Make A Fondant Christmas Tree

Don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up! Tools & Ingredients: 1. Green fondant 2. Red fondant 3. Blue fondant 4. Orange fondant 5. Yellow fondant 6. Small star cutter 7. Rolling pin 8. Toothpick 9. Shortening or a little...

Christmas Fondant Toppers #2: How To Make A SUPER Cute Fondant Reindeer

Click link to watch on YouTube Don’t forget to like and share this video! Ingredients & Tools: 1. Dark Brown Fondant 2. Light Brown Fondant 3. Skin Tone Fondant 4. White Fondant 5....