I'm a mother of 4 boys,and i have a wonderful lover. Iam a pastry chef since 2008,i make cake since 2009,i completely live of my cake art,i made over 70 wedding cake a year and more than 100 other cake. i am very passionned cake maker!!! i work 80 hours a week and i am so happy!!
thank you to appreciate my work,,your comments are very important for me!!!

(i'm a french person so don't laught about my commnets sometime)!!!!!!!!lloll

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à l'abordage!!

à l'abordage!!


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Callicious Cakes ...

I’ve just been looking at all your beautiful stunning cakes!!!! Oh my word you are so seriously talented and versatile. Your an artist for sure … Such beauty and care in all that you do. Blown away. ????

Sweet ObsesShan ...

Your cakes are beautiful, amazing creations. Have a blessed day.

Not Your Ordinary Cakes ...

Your cakes a wonderful i had to follow you.. looking forward to many more creations to see

cindy ...

thank you!! you can also follow on my facebook page…les creations Rose-Vanille….