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Location: trois-rivieres

I'm a mother of 4 boys,and i have a wonderful lover. Iam a pastry chef since 2008,i make cake since 2009,i completely live of my cake art,i made over 70 wedding cake a year and more than 100 other cake. i am very passionned cake maker!!! i work 80 hours a week and i am so happy!!
thank you to appreciate my work,,your comments are very important for me!!!

(i'm a french person so don't laught about my commnets sometime)!!!!!!!!lloll




Callicious Cakes ...

I’ve just been looking at all your beautiful stunning cakes!!!! Oh my word you are so seriously talented and versatile. Your an artist for sure … Such beauty and care in all that you do. Blown away. ????

Sweet ObsesShan ...

Your cakes are beautiful, amazing creations. Have a blessed day.