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Location: Lake Como, Italy -

Hi to all of you! I am half Italian and half German self taught cake lover. I inherited from the "Mediterranean" part the love for painting, art and colors, from the "Germanic" part the passion for pastry: I tried to mixed the two ingredients together with the aim to tell a piece of story of the person the cake was thought for. Sometimes it works, when laughs and smiles appear I know my job has been done...thank you all in this amazing sweet community for sharing, commenting, posting and suggesting, it is a unique and precious place.

Kate Plumcake, Lake Como, Italy -



Xclusive ...

Its a honour to be followed by you Kate. As for your request for the handcrafted bling shoe, tried shipping it to you but went missing in transit, sadly we might have to settle with the posted picture of just one leg – lol !

Roo's Little Cake Parlour ...

Hi Kate I am so thrilled that you know Paola, although everyone seems to know everyone in Bellagio! When we go there it feels like coming home. I see photos on Facebook of Rueben, he is gorgeous. We were supposed to be in Bellagio this year, for our honeymoon, but we had to postpone our wedding to next May.
It is so exciting to discover a cake decorator in Bellagio, will follow your creations with great interest. Xxx

Kate Plumcake ...

Hi Roo, I just saw your message in this moment, thank you so much. What a great surprise :-) I do not live in Bellagio, just in front, I live above Menaggio, another small piece of Paradise which you probably already discovered. Honeymoon in Bellagio, it sounds magic! We never had such a terrible summer, actually we are still hoping to have a sort of summer, the worse in the last 70 years, rain every single day, the lake is growing fast. Let’s hope next year will be a great one with a lot of sun for your hoenymoon. Happy decorating to you as well and keep in touch ;-) xxx

mjh ...

thank you Kate for the follow , your cakes are absolutely fantastic :) mj

Kate Plumcake ...

Thank you mjh for your kindness :-) I really apreciate. Happy caking!