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How i make edible brooch for cake.

This video how i make edible brooch for cake & cup cake decorations. TFL.

Tutorial #8: Decorating and Embossing your cake board

Full video on my youtube channel:

Tutorial #7: Make your own mould with leftover fondant

Don’t forget to watch my “NEW” video how to make silicone mould So … I know how hard and expensive can be to make or buy moulds. So…. I make my own with leftover of fondant and tylose....

New beginnings #18: Playing with sugar scarey!

Well today the last day of the 2012 was the day I got in the kitchen to play with sugar. The weighing was fine the mixing was fine but then came the boiling and omg it was bubbling red hot scalding I s#i# myself to put it bluntly! I...

New beginnings #13: New toys ( ok gadgets)

So if you’ve been following my blog you will know that over the past couple of months I’ve been getting a lot of new gadgets to play with :-) from cutters to cricut machines and sugarveil to isomalt Well I got 3 new ones today!...