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Making a Rose with White Chocolate Modelling Paste

Making a Rose with Modelling Chocolate Tutorial I loved how fun and different these were to make. I found chocolate to be much more slap-dash than what sugarcraft is. When you use flower paste to model your flowers you use very precise methods,...

Flowers #1: Frangipani flower Tutorial

Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

I got a nice Christmas gift from my lovely wife, a book with Cake & Cookies recipes. Actually I requested it :) It’s for beginners and I long wanted to try some easy to follow baking recipes. Let me share my third creation of this year with...

Tutorial of Christmas: "Baby girl on a biscuit"

This is my way to wish you all a Merry Christmas … I hope you enjoy this tutorial and that you share my many! With love, Mary xxx Take a ball of modeling clay and flesh-colored in half,...

cake mixer and cake recipe

Paso a paso para hacer un bizcocho de chocolate y construir una mesa de mezclas con fondant. Step by step to make a chocolate cake and build a mixer with fondant.

hunter cake (gâteau chasseur)

RedVelvet cake, chocolate, ganache gâteau redvelvet, nutella, ganache

My Cars Cake

My take on a 5 tier Cars Cake!

Baileys Ganache

Today I share the recipe for Baileys ganache, here goes … - 200g chocolate (into small pieces) - 100ml cream - 100 ml of Baileys drink - Salt - 15gr. unsalted butter (softened at room temperature) Preparation: Place the chocolate in a...

Malteser Cheesecake Recipe

Malteser Cheesecake Equipment: 8” loose bottomed cake tin Mini chopper/rolling pin Mixer Mixing bowl Base Ingredients: 9 digestive biscuits 100g unrefined (I use Billingtons) caster sugar 100g butter Chop/crush biscuits until fine...

Garlic and Chocolate???

I love chocolate and I love garlic, I’m sure I eat enough garlic for it to count as one of my 5 a day. Garlic would definitely be one of my desert island items. Speaking of desert/desserts (dyslexic joke), I thought would garlic and chocolate...