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Fast Fondant Baby booties!


Sugarpaste Tutorials #1: 15 easy steps on how to make cute baby girl shoes

Baby shoe tuition

Excellent evening spent demonstrating how to make baby shoes – here’s a picture. It’s easy to get carried away making different designs!

Baby shoes tutorial

A simple tutorial for doing these cute baby shoes You can ask me for template sending me a FB message! Hope you like it Karla

Baby Crocs in Fondant - A Tutorial

Baby Crocs in Fondant – A Tutorial Here is how I made the Baby Crocs. I have made cutters for them but I have provided you with the template that you can cut out from card paper and use as a guide to cut the fondant. What you will need: ...

How to Make Fondant Baby Shoes

Is there a little bun in your or someones oven…and love to see little booties on babies feet. Well this tutorial will be great for topping your cake off with baby booties. This tutorial has great step by step pictures to help guide you along. ...