Xmas cake class/ workshop

Well, 2nd last class for the year done and dusted… The girls enjoyed the class ( they all did the full course that i offer) learned new techniques like bows and how to cover a fruit cake with marzipan and fondant etc etc.. Thereafter we all made a Santa face (2D) which some chose not to use as a topper and then everyone had free range as to how they wanted to decorate and finish their xmas cake. Some chose to have vanilla sponge and others fruit cakes(traditional) (i always bake the cakes for the classes beforehand) .. I will post some pics of the class and their cakes.. The lovely 72 year old that I mentioned before in a blog entry was one of the students again.. She soooo enjoyed the class and her cake looks stunning.. And the other’s too!

Tip: when the marzipan seems brittle and does not want to come together and sticks to your hands… Put it in the microwave for a few seconds until it is nice and warm…. Not too long .. i put it in for under a minute on medium.. It then rolls out so easy and is much better to work with. Put it over the fruit cake which has been covered with melted apricot jam.. Smooth and leave for a day or two to settle nicely before the white fondant is put over(wet it first with a little water) ….

Keep well until next time!
( i can’t seem to get the pictures loaded here ,,,,will try and do it separately….

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Michal Bulla ...

Sounds like you had lot of fun ;)