easy ombre flower

i have to say that i didn’t come up with this design, a friend of mine showed me a pic of flower made this way but then i couldn’t find where the picture came from to give proper credit, i tried making it myself for what i could figure out and i loved the result and was so easy to make that i decided to share it! so here it is!
hope you like it!


Mariel - MisDulcesTentaciones, Seville https://www.facebook.com/misdulcestentacionestartas https://www.misdulcestentaciones.net


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Gulnaz Mitchell ...

Absolutely gorgeous flower! Love your tutorial too! Thank you for sharing!xoxo

whitecrafty ...

Great tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing it!!

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

Yeah, thanks for sharing, such a quick and easy flower!