Tight Fondant?

Ok I just dream of my cakes looking so tight like the ones from Bakermama. Do you guys have any tips for making my fondant more tight. I’m in Florida and I don’t know if it’s the weather but I feel my cakes still look like they have a little fat in the middle it drives me nuts!!!! Help!



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Bakermama ...

I’m so flattered!!!

Now, I don’t live in Florida ~ I live in Alaska, the opposite of your weather, so I’ve never experienced caking in humid climates. So I would have no idea how to handle it, and dread the day we get transferred somewhere humid (we’re military)!

But I’d say my three secrets to having nice tight, sharply covered cakes are:

~Swiss meringue buttercream (or any butter-based frosting or chocolate ganache) base is an absolute MUST. I only recently discovered this about 7 months ago thanks to the Fondant Flinger, and it’s changed my cake world! Previously I always covered my cakes in american buttercream before draping in fondant, and they looked like crap. You need the hard, firm base of the all-butter buttercream covered cake in order for your fondant to look smooth and sharp.

~Good cake recipes. It helps when the cake is firm and slightly dense. Straight-from-the-box cake mix is too weak to hold up, and the fat you get in the middle can be caused the middle layer not withstanding the pressure and weight of the top layer and frosting. Soft fluffy cake is tasty, but it’s hard to work with, and almost impossible to use for stacked and carved cakes.

~Quality fondant. I’ll admit, I am far too lazy to make my own fondant. I have problems getting a good cake cover with Wilton fondant, but Satin Ice is a dream to work with!

I’m sure plenty of other decorators will have great tips and suggestions for you! Feel free to message or email me if you want to chat more or ever have questions :)


Rosa ...

Hi Xpressive Designs, I to live in Florida where the humidity is a big problem with cakes. Using Ganache under the fondant has been a dream come true for me. Butter Cream with the heat just doesnt work. I also try to use Ganache between layers as much as I can. Try it, you will be surprised.

Cakery Creation Liz Huber ...

I live in Florida and I was also having this problem. So I just started using ganache under my fondant instead of butter cream and it has made a HUGE difference. I still havent mastered the super sharp edges yet with my fondant but one day I will. But for right now ganache beats any butter cream recipe Ive tried. Good luck! Liz

Bakermama ...

Would any of you be willing to share your ganache recipe? I haven’t had any success so far. Although I do live on a small island of Alaska and can’t get quality chocolate up here ~ The best I can find is Guittard.