Ninja fondant motor bike tutorial

Hello all,

I took some snaps while making a Green Kawasaki Ninja bike for my friends 4 year old son. Hope this helps some one.. :-)

1. Color the fondant and keep it aside
2. For tyres, I cut a round shape from rice cake. You can use oreo biscuit also.Cover the biscuit/ rice cake with black fondant and put tyre marks( zig zag) using a knife.
3. Let the tyre dry overnight. Once dried, make each shapes of fondant as shown in the picture. For base, make a rectangular green shape.Then, a cylinder (body), seat and other shapes as shown in picture . Stick using edible glue or water
4. Let it dry. Once dried, add more details and paint.
5. Kawasaki Ninja is ready..  I used three tooth picks to support the bike

Hope this helps someone …



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