Fondant OWL Tutorial

How to make fondant OWL

The steps are so simple that even kids can make this owl… :-)

Just follow the steps as shown in the picture. Use edible ink for eye lashes and eye ball.For beak, just make a cone and cut the tip using a knife. For feet, make a small round shape fondant and cut into half. Now, on each half, make 3 cuts using a knife. Owl’s head and body was attached using a tooth pick and melted white chocolate. Decorate as you wish.. Owl is ready… Twit twit twoooooo … Enjoy


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Callicious Cakes ...

THank you… so sweet :)

candy1 ...

So very cute, thank you for sharing!

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cakedecorating ...

Love this cute little owl. I’m going to have to make this one soon.

Thecakeaddict ...

Thank you,,,,,,