Tatty Teddy cupcake topper tutorial

Hope this first attempt at putting together a tutorial makes sense!!
The only equipment required is grey fondant with a little cmc or tylose mixed in to firm it up a bit, small piece of spaghetti and black edible marker.
The quantities used for this teddy, suitable for a cupcake topper, are approx 20g for the body, 10g for the legs, 8g for the arms and 20g for the head. A small amount of a paler grey is required for the mouth area and patches and a tiny bit of blue fondant for the nose.
Hopefully the photographs are self explanatory, any questions please ask!! :) xxx


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Janice, Kidderminster UK, www.facebook.com/cupcakesplus


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loverickandcakes ...

Hi it that’s a crimper ?

Goreti ...

Tx for sharing!

Darbees ...

Nice Work !!! Love it !!! :) Thank you !!! :)

Janice Baybutt ...

Hi, no it’s not a crimper, I just use the end of a star piping nozzle for the fur effect, just stab at the fondant with it! xx

Afsheen Beig ...

Too cute. Thank you for the tutorial :)