On A Mission #2: Baylee's Cookies


There’s a link above for beautiful Baylee. I hope people are inspired to stop by and pray for this precious little girl. I haven’t met her but that doesn’t matter. She’s important and precious, beautiful and worth every effort we can all give to pray or act on her behalf.

This week I didn’t have a cutter for the design she’d like… so I downloaded a few pictures of Hello Kitty and chose a few. I drew out her face on paper, created a cut-out design and then hand cut each cookie for her. 7 cookies were covered in fondant, piped, and hand painted. They’re about ready to package and send tomorrow! (couldn’t ship on Sunday) I’m so excited for her!

What a privilege it was to do. No expectations of return… just the permission to do something for this little girl was a gift! I am so excited to finish this order and a little sad that it’s over. The week was such a wonderful one for all of us! It amazes me how doing something for “nothing” is often just as thrilling as doing something for “something.” Who can put a price on making a little one smile… in the hard times?

I also got many opportunities to share about Baylee this week. As we told others about why we were making these cookies, she was getting more awareness out there. That means more people praying for her! It was a treat to be reminded, in these difficult days, that there is a great deal of goodness in people’s hearts. We still root for those who are down and desire them to get back up. We aren’t always looking for the bad, we strive for the good. There are good hearts and good people out there. Just because we aren’t all on the news doesn’t mean we aren’t still in the majority.

Here’s a peek at Baylee’s cookies:

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Michal Bulla ...

You did beautiful cookies for her, well done ;)

Kelilah ...

Thank you so much, Michal! I am so proud of them :)

Daniele Altimus ...

Beautiful cookies and you have a beautiful heart. You inspire me.