I've baked for fun and for family and friends for nearly 16 years now. I'm always game for a good craft, an excellent challenge and a way to make another person feel great. Food is a universal language. It is a way to say more than we can put words to without uttering a sound. My favorite part of decorating is meeting and getting to know others who share the same passion and, of course, admire the work of all the great minds and talents out there!

I've recently taken my own baking and decorating to a new level as I come out of a time of illness and step forward to embrace life with all the joy I can pour into a piece of cake!

So grateful to find out about this community!

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Golden Gift

Golden Gift


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On A Mission #2: Baylee's Cookies

https://www.facebook.com/PrayersForBaylee There’s a link above for beautiful Baylee. I hope people are inspired to stop by and pray for this precious little girl. I haven’t met her but that doesn’t matter. She’s important and precious,...

On A Mission #1: Prayers for Baylee

This “Series” of blogs has to do with giving. Giving to others seems to be a “thing” for me :) I decided when I started baking that it couldn’t always be about money. Money tends to take the fun out of things anyway. We worry about prices and...

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