Making flowers #2: Hibiscus Flower Tutorial, Cold Porcelain

Hello everyone, it’s Christina. I changed ‘cakelosophy’ to cold porcelain flowers across my social media. It’s mostly because I don’t really make cakes anymore.

I never used to particularly like this flower and then suddenly it was all I could think about making. I hope you find the tutorial useful, if you do, please share. Also what do you think of the black colour? Love it? Hate it? Don’t care? I used Simply Nature veiner for this one, I think it’s a really decent veiner and as you’ll see , it’s made very very well in a way that you won’t even need a cutter, you can just tell that lovely Robert Hynes designed it.

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Christina Wallis

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The Garden Baker ...

The black is gorgeous!! I love it. I really need to try cold porcelain….