How to Make a SUGAR ORCHID: NO CUTTERS, NO VEINERS, NO MOLDS - Queen of Sheba Variety

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a Sugar Queen of Sheba Orchid using NO CUTTERS, NO VEINERS, and NO MOLDS. I believe the actual Queen of Sheba orchid is even smaller than the ones made in this tutorial but I chose the size presented to make creating the orchid center easier – which you will also create free hand.

There are several varieties of Queen of Sheba orchids, and if one wishes to make another variety, one can use the techniques in this tutorial to attempt the others.

Thank you for watching.

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Elli Warren ...

Looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing! 💕💕 x

Calli Creations ...

Beautiful, thank you for sharing

Clara ...

I loved your tutorial! Thank you for sharing it 😊

Olivera Vlah ...

So beautiful!

The Confectionery Gallery ...

Thank you all for the kind words – Elli, Calli…, Clara, and Olivera! :-)

tweet ...

This is beautiful!

Can I ask what you have on your hands as they seem greasy to stop the fondant sticking please?

This looks so ‘do-able’ that I will definitely have a try!

The Confectionery Gallery ...

Thank you very much :-). I use vegetable shortening on my fingers whenever I work with fondant or gumpaste.