New beginnings #19: First entry for 2013

Happy New Year All :-)

Well it’s all starting now so far I’ve got 18 cakes to make throughout the year my head is buzzing with ideas and I’m loving it.
I’m working in the 3 day rule
Day1: bake cake
Day2: ice cake
Day3: finishing touches to cake

Hopefully this will work, but so far I have everything planned out in my cake diary.
Some ideas I need to research are a knitting cake, Tiffany cake, John deer tractor, horse, whiskey bottle, windmill, so you can see why my heads buzzing :-/

I know I’m not a pro and other people know that too but so far they are liking my creations and people are talking which is good if people and asking for more.

I’m still to use my cricut machine but it won’t be long as my elegant cartridge turned up and I needed that for my daughters cake which will be my first of 2013.

I really wish I’d started years ago but maybe this is my time, and I hope one day in the not do distant future I can make a living from it.

First I need to bake bake and create some more then I have photos for a portfolio and displays I’m aiming to have that completed by the end of the year I’m hoping sooner but you never know!!!!

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Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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Michal Bulla ...

Looks like it’s really starting now, good luck with these cakes ;)