New beginnings #18: Playing with sugar scarey!

Well today the last day of the 2012 was the day I got in the kitchen to play with sugar.
The weighing was fine the mixing was fine but then came the boiling and omg it was bubbling red hot scalding I s#i# myself to put it bluntly!
I used my thermometer to test until it rose to 160c
I had my moulds already and a bucket of cold water to empty it out into.
My first problem was with the small ball.
The sugar was not hot enough and didn’t poor out so I ended up with a solid ball, my mould worked excellent.
Then came the beer bottle
I had it all elastic banded up ready to pour.
The first problem I came across was as soon as I poured it in it bubbled over I know to do a but at a time next time.
I also need to invest in some heat resistant glove or I’m sure I WILL get burnt next time.
I poured it straight out into a bucket of water so it didn’t stick to anything.
Up it dripping I teased the strands slowly out until it was no longer dripping.
Now it was time to wait, well I didn’t want to lol I took the mould off too soon and it hadn’t set solid, that’s a note for next time as the bottle sunk on the side you can see in the picture and one the other pic I got a crack I didn’t realise it would be so fragile.
For a first attempt I’m happy going to try again later and fix my problems see how that goes.

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Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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