Fondant cakes #1: Wacky Cake Tutorial

I made a WACKY NAUGHTY CAKE a few months back and thought I’ll share how I made it.A birthday gift from my client to her hubby dear on his birthday.She wanted a really wacky cake of a lady’s bust.Each…. had vodka miniature bottles inserted inside just for kicks.;)Now here is the pictorial tutorial:

Step 1:Begin by baking two dome shaped cakes of six inches diameter.Cut into layers to fill.Start by filling the cake with chocolate ganache.Once filled,using a 1.5 inch steel cutter ,cut the center of the first layer to form a hole.Continue with the remaining layers of the cake except for the last layer.

The above image shows the last but one layer added on.

Step 2:Using a heated knife ,cut the top end of the vodka miniature bottles to fit into the height of the cake.Cover with aluminum foil and secure with rubber band.

Step 3:Insert the vodka bottle into each cake.

Step 4:Cover with the remaining top most portion of the cake and make a tiny hole to insert a straw.

Step 5:Frost the cake with chocolate ganache.(leaving the hole exposed).

Step 6:Repeat the same for the second dome cake too.

Step 7:Place both domes as close to each other as possible.

Step 8:Cover almost half of the domes with skin tone fondant and Cut out two circles using a 2 inch round cutter.Paste on top of the dome.Insert Smoothie straws inside each dome making sure it rests inside the bottle.

Step 9:Using a small ball of brown coloured fondant seal the ends where straw was inserted.
Cover the remaining portion of the cake with hot pink fondant.

Step 10:Cut out strips of black coloured fondant and paste over the hot pink cover.With the help of a lace cutter cut a strip of black fondant and paste to form the lace.

Step 11:Make a bow out of hot pink fondant and attach to the middle.

Step 12:Make a man’s figure out of fondant and attach in between the two domes.

Hope all enjoyed going through this tutorial!;)
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incrEDIBLE art by Rumana,India,

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spaul ...

zat waz indeed funny and whacky.. Creative!!