New Era Cap Cake Tutorial

1. Start with a Cake that has been baked in a ball tin or in this cake a 2 litre pyrex bowl.

2. Layer, fill and coat the cake with buttercream as normal.

3. Roll out red sugarpaste.

4, over the cake with the sugarpaste and smooth starting from the top and working your way down a little at a time.

5. Trim away the excess sugarpaste.

6. I then covered my cake board in sugarpaste and added some grains etc to make it look like wood and then painted with brown paste colour mixed with vanilla extract. Transfer the cake to the board.

7. Now I made a template with cardboard for the front part of the cap using my hubby’s cap. Then cut this template out.

8. Using this template cut out the red fondant with an exacto knife.

9. Now indent a stitching pattern on it using the stitching tool.

10. Stick this the board placing it into position with the cake.

11. Create the stitching pattern all around the cap.

12. My hubby then created a template for the “A” on the cap.

13. Cut an A out of fondant using the exacto knife.

14. Stick this on to the cap.

15. Create the holes into the cake with the cone tool.

16. Complete the cake board with greetings of your choice and voila! Your cake is ready!! Hope you find this tutorial helpful. xx

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I love it! Thank you so much for sharing!!

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great tutorial thanks for sharing

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Thank you for sharing!

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Love the woodgrain on the board! Thanks for the great tutorial. x

Roo's Little Cake Parlour ...

Thanks so much for sharing, I have a spherical cake tin and have not used it yet, looking for ideas and this certainly fits the bill.

Kathy211 ...

Thanks for the great tutorial.