How to make a Women's Vanity Pouch cake tutorial

This is an ideal gift for any woman on mother day or even a birthday. Can be made into a large or mini cake size.

I made these for a woman who gave these as gifts on International Women’s Day to her female employees.

I baked my mini cakes as usual.
These are my Chocolate Pound cakes with vanilla buttercream layered and Chocolate Ganache on the outside.
Recipes can be found on my blog. (link below)
Left the domes on, in fact I used one spare mini cake to help build the dome.

Next, I measured the height and circumference of the cakes.
I rolled the fondant out.

Cut the rectangle (the top is slightly narrower than the bottom).
Next I placed it in the fridge for about 15 minutes to firm up so they would be easy to drape round.

After 15 minutes I took it out – used the stitch tool to make the stitch impression

And wrapped the fondant around the cake. Putting the fondant in the fridge, firms it up so it is easier to handle.

Gather the fondant on the top. Turn the edges outwards so it has a flare look of an open pouch.

I worked in batched of four at a time. Here are my first 4

Next add the details. I thought black would be a perfect contrast with the orange.
I rolled a thick log for the string. You could use an extruder.
A thinner one for the borders.
On some I made dots and on some I made mini blossoms. I think it’s nice to have a choice.

And there you go….

That’s how I usually pack my mini cakes… I think these made cute giveaways.

I hope you like these.
You can use the same technique for a larger cake. Use the doll pan or a bowl and carve the cake like a doll’s skirt. The rest is the same.

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