Quick Owl Cupcake Toppers using only a circle!

Now I must apologize, this was a very last minute decision to make a tutorial as I was working. So the pictures arent the best but I hope they help someone!

Ive been needing to make another tutorial for so long, especially when my page hit 10,000 likers….so yeah, abit late!
But hopefully something is better than nothing!

Here is a very quick owl cupcake topper using only circle cutters! There are so many ways of making this your own…just bigger/smaller eyes, placement of the beak, different imprints etc can give them unique personalities :)

Anyway lets get to it!!


Cut a brown circle! (cupcake sized)


Take a smaller circle and cut a notch out of the top to make the owls ‘ears’


Take ANY colour you want and cut a circle the same size as your owl


Using the same cutter, cut a ‘lemon’ shape (i cant think of another word right now…lol)


Cut it smaller than halfway (I made mine slightly smaller after this picture lol)


Stick on his little coloured belly :) and cut out two white circles


I like my eyes to be quite big but its upto you :) Stick them in place!


Give him some pupils :)


Cut out another brown circle, this time slightly smaller than your owl.


Cut out a small ‘lemon’ XD I will think of a better word I promise…ha ha


….and another little lemon! lol


These will be his wings :)


Stick them on in whichever postion you like :) I like to slightly cover the eyes and belly so he looks like a cozy fat owl :)


You can choose to imprint a shape on his belly if you like, I just used a heart, but you could have a flower, circle, teardrop or just leave it blank!


Almost done!! just roll a small amount of yellow into a teardrop shape…as big or as small as you want, remember slight differences can give them their own perosnalities :)


And stick it on!!! wooooooo Chubby little owl cupcake topper using only circle cutters! (and a heart…lol)

If you would like to share this tutorial feel free, or if you use it to make your own chubby owls please link back to this tutorial

Thank-you so much! And I hope this is better than nothing after all this time! ha ha xx



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Raewyn Read - Cakes by Raewyn ...

These are fantastic Tracey!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!! :) xx

Peggy Does Cake ...

I think the heart is the perfect finishing touch to this and it’s little details like this that take your work to a different level. Thanks for sharing! <3

Little Cherry ...

awww thanks guys!!! XD xxx

Michal Bulla ...

Perfect tutorial Tracey ;)

Little Cherry ...

thanks!! xxx

Radhika ...

Thank you so very much! This is so cute!

Tea Party Cakes ...

It’s so cute Tracey! Great tutorial!

Little Cherry ...

:) xxxx

Chris Jones ...

Thanks for sharing…I love these!!

Nadia French ...

Oh My that is just too cute :)

TerrifiCake ...

It is so cute and looks easy to make! Love it!!!

Ciccio ...

so cute thanks for sharing

Little Cherry ...

XD xxx

DeliciaDesigns ...

These are so adorable! Awesome tutorial!

Karen Flude ...

Lovely so simple and effective, I love the colours you’ve used too