Not hearing back from clients??

It makes me wonder if they were happy with the cake. I never get any complaints on the cake but I hardly ever get any responses back if they loved it or not. I don’t want to write them and ask, i feel like if they did love it they would’ve told me. When i post a picture of the cake i made for them on my webpage , they do like the picture but don’t comment. Maybe im over thinking it, but it makes me worry.



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Bezmerelda ...

I’m exactly the same, as soon as a cake leaves my hands I’m in worry mode! But to the customer you’ve already provided the service they required so to them that’s probably the end of it. They don’t realise that us bakers are sat at home like nervous wrecks wishing they’d let us know if they were happy with it. The majority of my customers do give me feedback but there’s always the odd one or two I never hear anything from but I guess some people are just more vocal than others.

Cake Temptations ...

I do get fabulous feedback from alot of customers but for the most, people just click a like when its posted. I think its a universal feeling that us cakers go through. I dont think non-cakers realise just how much passion we feel for our cakes and we want everyone else to feel the same way x

Amy Ashford ...

You both hit it on the head! Im glad to know im not the only one who gets connected to a cake lol I was lucky enough to get a response back on my cowgirl cake. She said she love, love, loved it. I was under a lot of pressure with that cake because she told everyone how great it was going to be. So i felt unsure constantly with that cake, im glad she loved it, like I did in the end. :)

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I always ask my clients to give me feedback – if they don’t – I let them know that in order to be the best I can be, I need their feedback. Something about the word “need” always seems to work!

Fifi's Cakes ...

Every time a cake goes out the door the worrying starts… I lie awake worrying until I have received word that all is well! So often I get ‘told off’ by my husband that people are thinking about their party, their event, wedding, etc and letting me know about the cake is last on their list. And then … days later a card and sometimes flowers or a gift arrives on my doorstep and I am in TEARS with happiness and am so, so overjoyed!! What saddos we are lol!!! thanks for this post. It helps!! :0) xx

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop ...

I am a nervous wreck from the moment I drop off the cake until I hear back from them a few days later. The client always tells me how great the cake looks upon delivery but then I always worry if they’ll like the way it tastes because that is so important to me too. I always email them after the weekend is over to get their feedback and thank goodness its always so positive. My husband says I need to be more confident but I have to be cautious because I’m trying to grow this business and every cake, every client, and every review is crucial to my growth. I’m so glad I’m not alone in my fears! Thanks all!

clara ...

With me its 50-50 some make comments on my facebook and others i never know. But i feel this way people are quick to complain. So no news is good news.

Veena Azmanov ...

I use to have this in the beginning. You see the clients reaction on the design as soon as they see the cake but the taste is something that is always a worry.
Most customers usually never get back to you immediately after the event. Most often it’s because they are anxious to get back to their normal routine after the event is over or some think you know your cake is good.

I use to be worried about it until I started doing a test taste on every cake – Every time I bake a clients cake, i also bake a small mini cake. That mini cake usually bakes in 10 minutes. Then the big cake goes in the oven.

That mini cake is then tasted by me and most often finished by the kids. But I never worry about my cake since then.
I call it quality control – so all my cakes are checked for taste and moisture before they leave.
Works for me so far.