How to make a Magnolia out of Wafer Paper

Hello, I made my first wafer paper Magnolia flower and took pictures along the way. I will be using these on an upcoming cake. :) Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Also you can follow me on fb @

1-2 sheets of wafer paper, depending of the size of cutters

press cutter onto paper to imprint.

cut around

I used sage petal dust to color the calyx

You will need these two cutters. I used the one from Ateco

Lay cutter on paper and press.

You should be able to see a print, if not place the cutter on paper and try again pressing harder until you can see the imprint.

cut a long strip

fold it once

fold again, and cut around

this gives you 4 petals of the large cutter

You need a total of 6 petals. Do the same steps as above for the smaller cutter. You will need 6 of the smaller petals as well.

cut a slit about 1/4" on one of the pointed side of each petal.

Like this

use a little bit of piping gel on the left flap. and over lap right over left. Hold there for a couple of seconds until it sets and glues together.

do all 6 like this

Use a little bit of piping get as your glue on your green calyx and place one large petal on each of the calyx flap.

Add a little bit of piping gel on the sides of the large petals to attach the next set. Place the next three large petals, staggering in between the ones place previously.

Like this. It should set immediately and you will be able to pick up. This is how the back looks like

Next, add piping gel to the center and attach the smaller petals with the cut slit towards the middle and you want to place them curving up. You can use a small brush to get to the center and press each petal into place.

Next is the center of the flower. This is what you will need: wire (I used 20g, wire cutters, gold pearls or whatever color you want to use, piping gel, fondant or gumpaste to make a small cone. and you may add color to it.

Make a hook at the end of the wire. all a little bit of glue (water with cmc) or (water fondant) and insert into the shaped cone.

Next, apply piping gel and cover the whole cone using a brush. Dip into the pearls in a rolling motion to attach the pearls.

Let set for a little bit.

Poke a hole through the center of the flower and thread through. Apply a bit of piping gel or royal icing, whatever you have in hand, and pull the wire gently through to attach it to the center of the flower.

And set over night! you are done! you may add color to it by using petal dust. I decided to leave mine white.

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Gorgeous, thanks for the tute!

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Great tutorial!! Thank you for sharing!

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