My name is Denise & I live in Louisiana. I've been married 45 years, have 3 wonderful adult children, & 7 amazing grandchildren. I retired 8 years ago. I developed an interest & passion for making & decorating cakes 30+ years ago while my children were coming up by making all their birthday cakes. I consider myself a self-taught, hobby/home baker. I do cakes mostly for my grandchildren, family members, & close friends. Not only do I enjoy the creativity but the joy that it brings to the ones I create the cakes for. I also like the challenge of mastering new techniques. Occasionally I will step outside the box & do cakes for paying customers if they're willing to pay the price for a custom made cake. However, I do find that paying customers don't always appreciate the amount of work & long hours that go into a custom made cake. There is a story behind the "eiciedoesit cakes" I've chosen to go by. When my nephew, who is now in his 20's, was about 2 years old he couldn't say my name so he called me "east" (?). Eventually that turned into "eicie". I didn't mind at all. I thought it was adorable. His aunt, however, teased me about it & would say I was "easy"...lol. So the "eicie" in "eiciedoesitcakes" is kind of a play on words. Instead of "easy does it" "eicie does it". And that's about all there is to know about me.

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Hi,thanks so much for the follow!!! New follow from me now!! Beautiful cakes!!😍

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Thank you for the return follow Ivana. Your work is fantastic!!

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Hi Denise, your cakes are lovely!
I’m a new follower 😊

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Yvw Gail.
Nonahomemadecakes thank you so much for the compliment & the follow. Will be returning the follow 😁