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Location: South Jersey/Philadelphia (USA)

I have been interested in cake decorating since I was a teenager, but I didn't get the opportunity to do some decorating until I got married in the 70's. I took my 1st lessons from a Cake Decorator who advertised in my neighborhood paper. After that basic course I started decorating cakes for friends and family. I taught myself to make butter cream Roses and flowers in royal icing. I took a one day Wilton fondant class at Michael's. After that I gave my daughter a registration to a Wilton cake decorating course as a birthday present and I took the course with her. We continued on and took course 2 and 3.
I've sold a lot of my cakes, but it is not a business for me, just a hobby. After many years of decorating cakes, I developed Tennis Elbow on both elbows and my doctor told me to stop decorating. I told him I couldn't stop doing what I enjoy doing so much. So then he told me to slow down. So I did for a while. This year (2014) I have made more cakes than any other year and the year is not over yet. Most of them have been for family and friends and free, and I like it that way because as I've gotten older I get very anxious when I have to decorate a cake.
Julia Ramirez