Just ganached

This was my first proper attempt at ganaching a cake. I had a big fear of this and attempted couple of times but gave up and just poured the chocolate on top.
I am really pleased of how it turned up and couldn’t have done it without the encouragement from my dear friend Claire from ’’Claire’s sweets and treats’’ and all my followers on facebook.
I also would have been lost without these great tutorials which helped me lots so I want to say big Thank you to these great individuals: Inspired by Michelle, Three little blackbirds and Torta Couture.
Thank you all so much for helping me ganache this cake. xxx

How to ganache a cake by ‘’Inspired by Michelle’’


Fabulous very detailed video by Three Little Blackbirds


Torta-Couture way of ganaching a cake. Step by step tutorial available on her facebook page(also available as a handy pdf to purchase).


Very good and detailed guide about measurements and the types of chocolate for the ganache by Torta couture on Cakesdecor


I used a combination of all the above methods while ganaching my cake.
Thank you lots for these fabulous guides and videos. xx



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Laura Loukaides ...

Great job!! Xx

StarryDelights ...

Thank you Laura :) I was so panicking about this! Now i can’t wait to try again :) Even got myself some proper scrapers :) xx

Cakemummy ...

Yes perfect, well done

StarryDelights ...

Thank you cakemummy :) xx

Elli Warren ...

Fantastic!! so perfect! well done! thank you for all the info, don’t think i could ever get clean edges as good as you have! beautiful cake and rose! :-)

Goreti ...

great job!

StarryDelights ...

thank you Elli
I think the clean edges is due to the acrylic boards. Compared to cards they are much sharper :) This great tip to use acrylic boards was from Torta Couture (and there is less wastage as you can reuse them :)xx

StarryDelights ...

Thanks Goreti

Callicious Cakes ...

Perfect!!! Love it xx

StarryDelights ...

Thank you Calli :) xxx

The Cake Tin ...

Gorgeous, love those edges :)

StarryDelights ...

Thank you :) I do too :) xx

IcedByKez ...

Looks so awesome!!! hi from me (Keren Maxwell) I commented on facebook also ;) hehe xx

miettes ...

Yili, my kind of cake…. If all my cakes could be like this one, I would not ask for anything else… LOVE LOVE!!!

StarryDelights ...

Thank you :) , my type of cake too Dina :) xx

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Just ganached