Stainboy Tim Burton Birthday Project

Daily Top 3 - Aug 31, 2013

Well …. this was my entry for Cakenweenie Tim Birton Birthday Project.

Unfortunatelly I didn’t have much time to work on this cake as I was on my tour in Australia.
Between Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Melbourne again for Cakeriffic show this was what I managered.
I didn’t want to giving up as I am a big fan of Tin Burton and I do love the message behind Stainboy stories.
Tracey and a lot people put a great effort on this project and I really love beeing part of it. I really did!!!!! ….I was looking foward every night, on my mobile phone or on my computer, no matter where I was, to see some news, pics or comments. I do feel I little embarassed for my entry but I am very greatfull for the invitation.

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Verusca Walker


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Ciccio ...

Awesome love those cans had to look twice they looked so real

Caketown ...

Nice!!! :D

Calli Creations ...

oh yes Verusca!!! its is absolutely brilliant!!! your such an incredible talent!!! hugs!!

Goreti ...


Designer Cakes by Anna Garcia ...

I’m not really sure why your embarrassed I think its perfect and you knocked it out of the park this I love your piece <3

Cakemummy ...

Awesome! Brilliant! :-)

Prepared with Love ...

Looks fab hun :-)

ClearlyCake ...

I honestly thought the cans were real until I saw your work in progress shots. Still an impressive piece of work considering the time constraints you were under :)

Fifi's Cakes ...

oh my goodness, how/why do you say this about your work?? Crikey, if my work looked remotely as fabulous as this when I am short of time I would be eccstatic! I had to zoom in really closely to see if the spray cans were real and there is no evidence that they aren’t. brilliant! and I totally love the expression on this little cutie’s face. awesome work as always! Another one for my sugarcraft board for sure! :)


Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Embarassed???? This is AWESOME!!!!Amazing job Verusca!!! You rock!!! lol xxx

Gulnaz Mitchell ...

Amazing job, Verusca! Every single time you deliver wonderful cakes and ideas! I always love to see your creations in step-by-step! Thank you for posting it!!!It is another of your creation will go to my Pinterest board Step-by-step tutorials! Love it!xoxoxo

Unusual cakes for you ...

No clue why or how you could be embarrassed by this it’s perfect and as brilliant as anyways. Jacinta was telling me last night about how gorgeous and fun you were to work on in the cakenweenie project.
I’m still totally in awe of your talent and find you an inspiration :)

Verusca Walker ...

Thank you so much… I really appreciate your comments and kind words.
Unfortunately we are our worse enemies.
I love what I do but I do found myself constantly criticizing my own work.
My husband also become a very good critical himself…. and if I dare to ask, he always say something like: Hummmm you bump here, or Meh!!! it is ok!!!!
On this specific work for the first time my husband, my daughter even my best friend didn’t have one word to say, so I did got very worried. Lost for words!!!! really?? What this mean??

Unusual cakes for you ...

Hahaha it probably means they know better than to say anything. Hahaha it’s like my poor hubby I ask him but he’d too scared to say anything now lol . Or more probably in your case it’s perfect but they knew there would be no convincing you :)

Verusca Walker ...

Hahaha…. I think you are right….
they are to scared now to say something. :(

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Stainboy Tim Burton Birthday Project