Beer mug cake

Hi everybody. Here goes one of my cakes called Beber Mug Cake.
My first post here on Cakedecor. Have a lot more to show you.
Enjoy everybody :-)

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Michael Almeida (Isto Faz-se), Portugal, ( (


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Michal Bulla ...

Well done!

Cecilia ...

Excellent. Is the can modelling chocolate too. modelling chocolate is one of my fave mediums

Elli Warren ...

Brilliant!! :-)

Michael Almeida ...

Hi Cecilia. Let me say that I love your work. The bugs you made are amazing!! Loved it. I wonder how it was made. Congrats to you :)
Answering your question, the can anfortunetly is a real can because the client wanted it to be so.
Modelling Chocolate is still a little mistery here in my country, only a few months some stores sell a chocopaste, and so i dont know still how it works, techiques and so on. But here thing are imporving and I hope one day I could be a great cake designer here.
Thank you for your appreciation, I will keep following you and your wonderfull work :)
Best Regards

Cecilia ...

Hi Michael. Thank you for your compliments. Modelling chocolate is easy to make so you do not have to rely on Chocopaste. There are plenty of people that offer recipes. I will be adding recipes to my website soon. I love using modelling chocolate. I and sure you will be a great designer there.

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Beer mug cake