I have baked and cooked since I was very young.
I made castle cakes long before they even started appearing and long before computers and internet were the thing.

As I do with everything I educate myself all of the time. I never stop learning and am highly accomplished in many many areas both artistically,creatively,technically and I always strive to do everything to the my very best of my ability no matter what it is. I prefer to do things that do not involve my artwork directly for commercial reasons as it is too dependant on how I feel. I prefer to use all of my abilities for creating new things and in a more technical manner and field however Sugar and chocolate as well as polymer clay are interesting and I can create with them regardless of mood however the thought process with me involving the design side is dependant on mood and other things and I need a lot of time for that process.

My favourite medium is Chocolate. It is the most versatile and challenging. I love making things out of chocolate. I love making things out of anything really but chocolate is so challenging and I cannot resist a challenge.

I hope you like my work and thank you for looking.



Joy Lyn Sy Parohinog-Francisco ...

your work is awesome! i’ve never tried modelling chocolate before out of fear that it won’t stand on the climate we have in the Philippines. It does seem to be a very challenging medium and in addition to pulled sugar, it is also one of the art-media I would like to work with. You are an inspiration and your mindset of continued improvement will only astound the world!

Cecilia ...

Thank you. Don’t let fear hold you back. The only way you will find out is if you do it. Keep your hands cool and work on a marble or similar type of board that keeps cool. It holds up fairly well even in hot weather. I still have the Cobra. As long as you do not handle it too much and put it down as soon as it starts to get too soft and let it cool again. Once it is made as long as it is not stored in direct sunlight or heat it should be ok. Use tools where possible to minimise touching and heating it too much with your hands.

Sweet ObsesShan ...

Cecilia, I love your work and just recently made a dragon out of modeling chocolate. I finally figured out to keep my hands cool. Love looking at your work and will be following you from now on. Have a blessed day.

SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa ...

Cecilia, your work is so inspiring, so out of this world. I still can’t believe it! WOW! It’s incredible! I’m your follower now because I want to be able to see every cake you make. Your spiders are… Your talent is out of this world.

Cecilia ...

Thank you. I greatly appreciate it
There are different modeling chocolate recipes. I have a few favourites. I will be doing a PDF near the end of the year on them and will add it to my facebook so if you want to see that you can add me on Facebook.