School Leavers Cake

Today is the last day of school for many of the children across the UK before they start there 6 weeks summer holiday. This is a cake I made for 22 little children to celebrate their last day at primary school before moving up to big school. I was given the children’s most recent class photo to work from, and I have hopefully captured just a little characteristic of each child.

This cake design is very dear to me, as the original was actually the first cake I ever made. I made the original for my daughters class in July 2010, the popularity of the cake led me on this marvellous cake journey! :)

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Michal Bulla ...

Very nice!

Laura Loukaides ...

Such a lovely idea for a cake!!
You did such a great job, love it!! Xx

miettes ...

Sarah, first FB, now here, GENIUS!!!

The Cake Tin ...

This is fabulous, great idea.

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School Leavers Cake