A Magical Harry Potter Cake

I was soooo excited to get a Harry Potter cake order.

I loved carving the shape of the open book and making it look aged and distressed and I LOVED painting the Gryffindor crest on the page.
I just had to complete the look with some potion bottles, the golden snitch, Harry Potter’s glasses and his wand and of course, the Sorting Hat.

Tags: birthday back to school gold black gray brown cake chocolate harry potter open book book wand snitch potions crest hogwarts gryffindor sorting hat hat wizard magic spells

N Stretch, NV Cakes


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Calli Creations ...

Such amazing work . Well done! Wonderful detail

Nikki ...

Thank you :-) x

Michal Bulla ...

Wow, I love it ;)

Artym ...


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A Magical Harry Potter Cake