Sugar Skull

The decoration on this skull is all handpainted

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Mrs B.


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Calli Creations ...

That’s amazing!!! fantastic work!!

Sam Belben ...

Thank you so much :-)

Karen's Kakery ...

Interesting work

Goreti ...

very nice

Cheryll ...

That looks very familiar :/

Sam Belben ...

Thank you Karen & Goreti :-)
Im new to these decorative skulls cakey love and must admit when the client sent me the picture i thought oh they are quite pretty really. I now know more about sugar skulls after doing some research :-)I take it from the comment you left you have done these before? :-)

Cheryll ...

I’d say, that’s actually my design, I created this cake last year and it was my first skull cake. If you pop on my profile, 2nd page you can see it. I must admit, and I apologise now as I wasn’t aware it was for a client, but I was a little taken aback to come across it. Usually, well I know I do anyway, I speak to an original designer first. It’s the pitfalls sometimes of caking I suppose and I should be flattered really, was just a teeny bit upset, hope I don’t sound like a complete loon lol but I’m sure you would have felt the same :) xx

Sam Belben ...

Oh my Im sorry i don’t know your name but yes i agree if a design is copied you should seek permission and give credit. I did on my research find the picture she sent me and i could only find it on Pintrest but with no credit as to who created it. I do hope I’ve not upset you in any way as this is not in my intention or my work/business ethics. I can only apologise and had i known i would of emailed you.
My apologies Sam.

Cheryll ...

Honestly, it’s ok, I think it was just the initial shock at seeing it which threw me a little. I think while Pinterest is great for storing ideas it’s sometimes a bit of a minefield lol. I’ve not long had to research myself and someone taught me a nifty trick, which makes it so much easier :). Anyway, I really hope I haven’t upset you, that wasn’t my intention, and thank you for being honest, I think you did a great job by the way, that was very rude of me not to say. Well done :) <3 xx

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Sugar Skull