Skylanders Cake featuring Trigger Happy

This cake was really really fun to make. Alex’s mother came to me with a unique idea for her son’s birthday. I called it unique because I had no clue who or what Skylanders is. Esther was very kind to provide me tons of images as reference and she did mention that Trigger Happy was Alex’s favorite characters from the game. The cake I think is pretty simple. What was most challenging is getting Trigger Happy right. Surprisingly, I especially had fun making Trigger Happy. A little proud moment since this was really something out of my league and I really think he just looks like the real Trigger Happy. Confession: I couldnt help it, I took maybe 20 something shots of him. Cupcakes with the Elemets went in with the cake. Cake and cupcakes were both vanilla and chocolate flavored. :)

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Annie -


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Michal Bulla ...

This is so cool :) Great job!

Deema ...

cute :) love the whole set

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

This is SUPER!!! Great job!!

Nancy's Cakes and Beyond ...

I am not sure how I missed you posting this but this is just amazing Annie!!! You did such a great job!! Wow!

Ciccio ...

this is awesome

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Skylanders Cake featuring Trigger Happy