Love grows a new

About 2 years ago, one of my dear friend’s husband passed away. Together they raised 2 children. Her husband passed away after a long brave battle with cancer. Both my friend and her husband are strong believers in Christ.
My friend has been morning the loss of her husband but because of her strong faith, she was comforted with the promises found in the bible.
Recently, she met a man who is a retired pastor.
When I found out my friend was getting married, I asked if I could make her wedding cake as a gift for her and her new fiance.
She said yes. At first, because we live on an island, I had intended on just covering the cake with seashells. But then I wanted my friends groom to have a part in the cake too. Not knowing him, I stalked facebook. He had written a beautiful poem to his new bride to be. He had been inspired by some woodcocks (a type of bird) which flew into a window and was injured. In the poem, he compared my friend to the wounded bird. He talked about how a kind man, took the bird and placed her in a safe place, in a dog wood tree. (referring to God’s protection over my friend.) Well, my husband walked into the room as I was reading the poem and asked me what was I reading. I couldn’t talk, and I sobbed like a blubbering idiot. Finally, I got the words out and I told my husband, “Well, I guess I have to put a couple of birds and some dog wood branches on this wedding cake!” Both my friend and her new groom were totally surprised by the gift. I really enjoyed working on this.

Tools: wilton flower cutters wilton veiner

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Psalm 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.


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Sandra Smiley ...

This is a stunningly beautiful cake, Donna, and so special and personal. Thank you for sharing their sweet story. I admit, I teared up myself.

My Sweet World_Elena ...

Wonderful work!

Elli Warren ...

Looks so beautiful!! :-) x

Karen's Cakes And Bakes. ...

A beautiful cake and a beautiful story.Very moving.x

Raquel García ...

love it…

Goreti ...


MsGF ...


Anka ...

Looks great!

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Love grows a new