Threadcakes Muppets Totempole

Daily Top 3 - Aug 03, 2012

My entry for this year’s Threadcakes contest – a whopping 33" tall muppets totem pole cake based on one of awesome threadless tshirt designs. View the entire process from start to finish at

Tags: fondant muppets totempole animal kermit miss piggy fozzy gonzo camille chicken rizzo rat cartoon threadcakes threadless

Nanthini, Paisley Petals Cakes,


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Michal Bulla ...

Very nice!

shai ...

absolutely awesome!

Lainie ...

Love this cake!!!!

Nicholas Ang ...

Nice one! I’m amazed that you managed it without non edible supports! :)

Roberta ...

that’s one awesome cake Very nice

Rosalynne Rogers ...

Love the Muppets! Great job!

Corrie ...

Amazing job- love it!

Tiffany Palmer ...

This. Is. Awesome! Great job!

Paisley Petals Cakes ...

Thank you everyone :) It was a fun cake to make.

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Threadcakes Muppets Totempole