Daily Top 3 - Jul 13, 2012

Baby Onsies

Sugar cookies covered in Royal Icing with Fondant Animals

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Jennifer, https://www.facebook.com/PrimacakesPlus


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Peggy Does Cake ...

Wow! These are PRECIOUS!

Prima Cakes Plus ...

Thank you very much Peggy! That means a lot to mean coming from someone I admire so much.

Sugar Tales ...

GASP! These are perfect! Great job Jenn!

Prima Cakes Plus ...

Thanks Jodie :) The only think I wish was I used a different yellow. I grabbed my wilton golden yellow and I forgot that is is very orangey

Benni Rienzo Radic ...

This are so cute!! You did a really amazing job1

Prima Cakes Plus ...

Thanks so much Benni :)

miettes ...

Love these too :-) Are you more of a cookie lady? love all those cookies!!

Prima Cakes Plus ...

Dina… LOL I am not sure what I am but I seem to definitely do more cookies than cake. I think I may lean to liking cookies more than cakes. Maybe because I struggle less with them.

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Baby Onsies