Here it is…the cake I’ve been talking about all week long. I was so excited to be asked to make this cake for my dear friend Enza for her company’s 10 Year Celebration. We talked about a design concept and she was clear that she wanted a cake to illustrate her Gratitude not only to her staff, family and friends but also all her clients who have helped along the way. I came up with a design that illustrated a firm foundation beginning with roots and that over the years with love, acknowledgement, tenacity, clarity..etc grew to blossom from little buds to a large flower.The four butterflies on the cake represent her tight knit family of four. The colours were as close to her logo colours as possible. The quote just fit. It thought it was perfect to represent “Gratitude” and the theme. The growth of this company could only be possible with the support of many people whom Enza wanted to recognize. So we created individual cupcakes with logos of all the builders who are a part of this celebration as well. Congratulations to Enza, her family and everyone at Decorenza! Congratulations and well wishes for another 10 fabulous years! Check out her site…they are incredible!

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~Daniela xo


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Bliss Pastry ...

Gorgeous! Great job!

It's a Cake Thing ...

Thank you!
I loved making this.

Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

Oh WOW! So Beautiful!

It's a Cake Thing ...

Thanks Ann Marie!

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