Firetruck Fun

3D Firetruck for a special boy. Vanilla sour cream cake with oreo filling with buttercream icing. Covered in MMF.

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Tiff - MA


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Sweets By Monica ...

Awesome! :0)

Kari Prichard ...

great job….can you tell me what size pan you used to construct this…..I’ve been asked to make the firetruck “Red” from the cars movie. He isn’t as long as a normal firetruck but I have no idea where to start. Thanks, Kari

Tiffany Palmer ...

Thank you both! KariAnn – I started with a 12×18 cake and cut in to 1/4 sheet bars. I stacked 3 of them for the larger part of the firetruck and the other piece I cut in to thirds to make the front of the truck and carved accordingly. I used RKT for the part under the hose. The cake is on a foam board covered in Reyonlds freezer paper. Under that board there are 2 or 3 pieces of foam board that were glued together to make the truck/tires about 1/2" above the final cake board. If you’re making your own fondant, make sure you make the red ahead of time so it has time to darken. As it sits it will darken. Also use a sturdy cake recipe and it will be much easier to stack, carve and cover. Hope this helps and good luck! =)

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

I love the firetruck!

Kari Prichard ...

Thanks, I was planning on using a 12×18 also, but was thinking of cutting it into 3rds so 12×6 and stacking all 3 of them and then carving back portion shorter than the front. Red the firetruck isn’t as long as a normal fire truck so that was why I was thinking making him wider….but now I am second guessing myself. :( Why did I say yes to this cake!!! lol

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Firetruck Fun