Family Chillax Time

Specs I was given

Kidney shaped pool with white sun loungers

What I was asked to do: Lady on lounger – very thin, blonde short bob, flowery bikini (high wasted bikini bots and strapless top), quite brown. Big sunglasses.

Man standing with one leg leaning on same lounger – very short red hair around a bald sunburned head. Very short red beard. Bermuda shorts. Big belly and strong wide calves. Very hairy especially shoulders. Round sunglasses. (changed him to wearing a polo shirt and sitting)

Young lad (14) lying on lounger. Red bowl haircut. Big Bermuda shorts. Pale and skinny. Playing old fashioned game-boy. Skuba goggles on. Beano comic next to him.

Young girl (15)on lounger. Red bob. Slightly chunky. Wearing tankini. Scowling at the parents. Smoking a fag and hiding a bottle of vodka next to her. And yes….that was me!

Older girl (18) sitting up on lounger. Wearing butterfly leggings and baggy plane t-shirt. Slim. Long curly red hair and fringe. Glasses on. Pile of medical books by her side and a big fat book on her lap.

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You dream it ... I make it!


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Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

This is amazing! Wow, your client was very specific in the details, but your got them perfect!! I love it!

Michal Bulla ...

Hehe, cool.

mydearbakes ...

Wow, this looks so detailed =)

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Family Chillax Time