Princess & the PopStar

A birthday cake based on the Barbie movie ’The Princess and the PopStar". Which is a really cute movie. Yes, I did some research. Now I have the songs stuck in my head……okay, moving on.

This is my first gumpaste tiara, & I was so happy with how it came out. I was holding my breath when I unmolded it, because it’s so tall & intricate, but it is very strong. Thank GOODNESS I have a dehydrator in our climate or things like this would NEVER dry! It’s all edible except the rhinestones. They wanted to keep it after the party, so I made it to be a permanent display piece.

The inspiration for the cake came from the main dresses the girls wore in the movie. In particular the PopStar dress I thought would look awesome in those big ruffles of different shimmery colors. I cut & ruffled the fondant, then I airbrushed it with metallic sheen & dusted with some glitter, let it dry, & then applied it directly to the ganache. The top tier is more like the Princess dress, with its bejeweld sash.

Top tier is vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling, & bottom tier is Australian Chocolate Mud with Salted Caramel Chocolate buttercream.

Cakes ROCK!!! Christy Seguin, Chapin, SC


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Michal Bulla ...


Elli Warren ...

Very pretty!! :-)

Zoe Robinson ...


Cakes ROCK!!! ...

Thank you so much Michael, Elli & Zoe!

BeverleyWayDesigns ...

Awesome! That cake certainly ROCKS ;)!

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Princess & the PopStar