Cake Themes

Part 1: Purple cakes

Here are some of the purple themed cakes posted on our website recently:

Part 2: Topsy Turvy Cakes

Take a look at some of the Topsy Turvy cakes posted on CakesDecor:

Part 3: Ruffle Cakes

Part 4: Hello Kitty Cakes

This time I would like to showcase the famous hello kitty cakes posted here on I can’t show you all Hello Kitty Cakes posted, but I hope I picked the most of them. Enjoy Hello Kitty Cakes!

Part 5: Purse - Handbag - Bag Cakes

After Hello Kitty Themed cakes, it’s time to post another part of the Cake Themes, today. We decided to showcase purse cake, handbag cake, bag cake and few suitcase cakes. Thank you all for posting them. ...

Part 6: Owl Themed Cakes

Enjoy some of the Owls themed cakes posted on

Part 7: Wedding Cakes

I was thinking which theme to post now and I finally decided to showcase Wedding Cakes. Since there are lot of great wedding cakes posted on, this won’t be the last wedding cakes listing. Enjoy! ...

Part 8: Rainbow Cakes

Here’s another part of our Cake Themes. I decided to show you some of the Rainbow cakes posted on our website. As you can see, there is no rainbow used on some of them, but author uses colors of rainbow outside or inside the cake....

Part 9: Hello Kitty Cakes #2

After seeing some really beautiful Hello Kitty cakes posted in last few days, I decided to showcase them in one blog entry. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you the famous Hello Kitty themed cakes ;).

Part 10: Black and White Cakes

Black-and-white, often abbreviated B/W or B&W, is a term referring to a number of monochrome forms in visual arts. Black-and-white as a description may be considered something of a misnomer, in that the images are not ordinarily starkly...