Cake Themes #5: Purse - Handbag - Bag Cakes

After Hello Kitty Themed cakes, it’s time to post another part of the Cake Themes, today. We decided to showcase purse cake, handbag cake, bag cake and few suitcase cakes. Thank you all for posting them.

Louis Vuitton Handbag louis vuitton purse

Little Man's Diaper bag Lady Dior handbag

Hello Kitty Purse Cake Bowling Bag & Shoes Cake

Girlie Diaper bag suitcase

Gucci handbag birthday cake Little Girl's Purse Cake

Baby Shower Diaper Bag Cake Louis Vuitton Inspired Bag Cake

'Mulberry' handbag cake My first Purse Cake

Coach Purse Birthday Coach Bag, shoebox & High Heel Shoes

Jungle Theme Diaper Bag Christian Louboutin shoe and Chanel bag

Chanel Purse Cake Coach Purse

Pauls Boutique Bag Click for details

Louis Vuitton Purse Cake Coach Purse

Hand Bag Designer Bag

Michael Kors Purse Purple Handbag

Louis Vuitton Bag Purse Cake

Coach Purse with Money To Spend! Click for details

LV Purse Checked Purse Cake

Hermes Pink Birkin Birthday Cake Purse & Shoe Birthday Cake

Betsey Johnson Purse - Hand Painted! Pauls Boutique Handbag

Purse Cake Navy Coach Purse

Coach Handbag Louis Vuitton Purse

Chanel hand bag Mini Tote Cake

Suitcase Cake Click for details

Buy Me Handbags

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Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Here’s a purse cake I made – it can be added to this post!


Michal Bulla ...

Too late :P