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How do you charge your 3D cakes ??

After a many hours trying to find some reference I give up looking how to...

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How much do you charge for this cake?

Please let me know … 1 How much do you charge for this cake? 2 How...

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What you prefer for ice your cakes.... Royal Icing or Buttercream?

Hello everybody … I never use Royal Icing for cover my cakes before and I...

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Wettest Cupcakes

I need a good advice for my cupcakes are wetter. I tested recipes, and...

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What hapened with my cupcakes?

They rise into the oven….but when take out of the oven…they puff!!...

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Massa Grischuna

anyone use or have used this brand of rolled fondant? is of good taste?...

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Sheet cakes Prices Vs others Cakes

Why the price of sheet cakes are always lower than others??? Really I don’t...

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Old Book Cake

Hello I need your experience, advices, suggestions .. all ideas about how...

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Does anybody use contracts for cake orders other than wedding cakes???

Recently I have a client some special…lol She did an order for this 27th...

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I need a tutorial please

anyone know where I can find a tutorial for making cakes like this??? THANKS...

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Somebody have a tasting or sample for your cakes??? I need to know some...

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Dummy ... how much will be charge on the total?

Hi everybody.. I was reading about to put a dummy to extend the cake… an is...

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Which is the best method for freeze your cake or cupcake?

Hi everybody I like to know wich method or tools your use to freeze your...

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Rhinestone Sweet Sixteen Cake Topper

Hy everybody.. I need to do a 16 for a Topsy Turvy Cake. I saw some prices...