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How do you charge your 3D cakes ??

After a many hours trying to find some reference I give up looking how to charge in a 3D cake Some charge by hours… others by slice let me know what do you do

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How much do you charge for this cake?

Please let me know … 1 How much do you charge for this cake? 2 How do you do it? Aprox… for 50-75 serving….

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What you prefer for ice your cakes.... Royal Icing or Buttercream?

Hello everybody … I never use Royal Icing for cover my cakes before and I like know your experience… Thanks

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Wettest Cupcakes

I need a good advice for my cupcakes are wetter. I tested recipes, and recipes, and also boxes and my clients tell me they are somewhat dry …. for my taste are ok but they are not good … what is the secret??? PLEASE LET ME KNOW…. I have a request...

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What hapened with my cupcakes?

They rise into the oven….but when take out of the oven…they puff!! You have some idea? Thanks. Fabiana

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Massa Grischuna

anyone use or have used this brand of rolled fondant? is of good taste? Compared with Fondarific and Satin Ice …I need to know about consintencia and flexibility of this product. thanks

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Sheet cakes Prices Vs others Cakes

Why the price of sheet cakes are always lower than others??? Really I don’t know I spend time to do this kind of cakes … you not? I know depend of the decorations, filling , etc… but how much you charge this king of cake?

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Old Book Cake

Hello I need your experience, advices, suggestions .. all ideas about how can I do this cake (black book) My client want the book in color emerald green and the letters in gold any Idea???

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Does anybody use contracts for cake orders other than wedding cakes???

Recently I have a client some special…lol She did an order for this 27th October for 50 guest in September Two weeks ago she order a cake number topper with rhinestone The last week she add a small cake on the top Today she add 20 cookies …...

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I need a tutorial please

anyone know where I can find a tutorial for making cakes like this??? THANKS

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Somebody have a tasting or sample for your cakes??? I need to know some suggestions or ideas about that … include prices Thanks

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Dummy ... how much will be charge on the total?

Hi everybody.. I was reading about to put a dummy to extend the cake… an is a brilliant idea … but how much I need to charge for that??? I mind … do you charge only your hour rate plus material? or what?

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Which is the best method for freeze your cake or cupcake?

Hi everybody I like to know wich method or tools your use to freeze your cake or cupcake… Please details each step to freeze your cake. Thanks

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Rhinestone Sweet Sixteen Cake Topper

Hy everybody.. I need to do a 16 for a Topsy Turvy Cake. I saw some prices on the web and these kind of topper are TOO EXPENSIVE So I decide to do that Some ideas please?