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Etsy Shops: Do you have one?

Was wondering if anyone had an Etsy shop. Was thinking of maybe opening one but wanted to see if anyone had and feed back. Thanks, Angelica

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$2.50 ea sounds about right????

Ive been asked to make 60 of these, bagged up and I think $2.50 ea is a reasonable price. I dont do allot of cookies, but when I have I charge $1.50 or $3.00 for character cookies. I’ve used the small dragees and sanding sugars but not for resale...

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Looking for.......

Several months ago I saw several pictures of some cupcake cakes (pull apart cakes) that had tissue paper on the sides as decoration. I thought the decorator was on FB, I looked through all of my “Likes”, and came up with nothing. I’ve Googled,...