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Advice for success

Hi guys, I am new to Cakesdecor, but also new to cake decorating. I’ve seen the work of a lot of talented people here. What advice would you have for someone like me just starting out in the business for success? I mostly bake for friends and...

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Cake Serving guide

Hey everyone, as I’m preparing to do my first wedding cake, I’m wondering which guide is the best to work with. After researching, I see a lot of people saying that the wilton guide is wrong. Are there any other guides that you’ve tried that is...

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Buttercream Recipe

Anyone has a good recipe for buttercream that doesn’t taste so much like shortening. Please share. I use the wilton recipe, and I’m hoping to find one that taste better but still does a great job on the cake.

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Is it ok to refrigerate a cake covered with fondant? If no, why not?

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Fondant: what brand do you prefer

Hey everyone, I have been using the wilton brand fondant (only started decorating a few months ago), but someone told me there is better out there. I wanted to get some insight on what brand fondant you prefer and why? Also, do you prefer...

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Male abdomen cake: Help!

Hello everyone, I am new here, and fairly new at cake decorating. I hope you can help me out with this one. I have been asked to make a man’s ripped abs cake for a guy who really loves his body. I only have a week to do it. I have looked all...