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Location: Portugal

We are a couple Catarina Taborda and Luís Gaspar, a teacher and an architect, from Portugal.

In October 2011, during the 1st anniversary of our youngest son, we decided to organize and decorate all the birthday party, including the cake, an ex-libris of any party!

Our connections to the arts, decorating, theater, dance, sculpture and architecture were the foundation for embarking on this adventure.

The creations are fully prepared together. Each project is worked to detail, from idea to conception. The shape, color and structure are well thought out and planned before moving to implementation.

Designing the draft combine and produce their own colors is one of the aspects that we love.

Fans of a "clean" style, we review ourselves with greater magnitude in works were the all set is harmonious and "logic": sculpted cakes, accented in its verticality or the glamour of a cake that appeals to feminine elegance. "The height gives them elegance."

We try to strive for harmony of the senses, from the sublime to the startling visual palate. In a single sentence: Flavor with Imagination!



Maya Delices ...

you cakes are phenomenal

Sonhos & Guloseimas - Cake Design ...

Awesome cakes, looove your work! :-)

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

Congratulations on cake decorator of the week!
Your cakes are amazing, I especially love your gravity defying cakes. They inspire me to try and make one some day!

Elli Warren ...

Congratulations on cake decorator of the week!! love all your work !! very much deserved!! :-)

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

CONGRATULATIONS on being the Cake Decorator of The Week!!!! Well deserved!!! xxx

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop ...

Congrats on Cake Decorator of the Week! Love your Angry Bird Star Wars cake =D

Callicious Cakes ...

well done on Cake Decorator of the week!!!

CakesbySasi ...

Congratulations on being the cake decorator of the week. So well deserved.

Pauline Soo - Pauline Bakes The Cake! ...

Congratulations on Cake Decorator Of The Week! Your work is awesome and I love your gravity defying designs! :) xxxx

Pirikos, Cake Design ...

Let us tell that we’re still blushed with the “Cake decorator of the week”
Thank you all!

Ghada _ Bouquet cakes ...

So nice!! :)