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Black fondant and diamonte

Hello my lovely’s, can anyone just help me out a bit?? I am doing a black ruffle rose cake next week and I am A little worried as to how to get the icing sugar off the fondant so It looks clean?? Someone mentioned trex.. Next is I have seen...

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Tylo and modelling chocolate.

Morning. Quick question if anyone can help. Can you add tylo to modelling chocolate ??? I want to make a log for a monkey to sit on but I have used modelling choc For the majority of the dec’s but don’t think it will firm up enough or stay...

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Ideas anyone???

Please help!!! I have a request for a 3 tier black and silver cake with needs to look elegant for her 50 th Birthday. I was thinking a bit of bling and maybe a few fantasy flowers but not Sure as the only cakes I have done before are novelty.....

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Am I completely stupid?????

Good morning, I hope all have slept well?? I certainly have not And believe me I am not stretching the truth! My problem (although its not really a problem! It’s just bugging me) How on earth do you work out how many vertical stripes To put...